About Residency

BY ART MATTERS Residency, launched in 2021, is a non-profit artist residency centre and programme affiliated with BY ART MATTERS 之驻. The residency is open to emerging contemporary artists and researchers from around the world, and offers a vibrant space for living, working, exhibiting, and collaborating, with the aim of fostering the development of local and international contemporary art. The museum's experienced academic committee provides objective and professional support to the residents, helping them to enhance their practice and achieve their artistic goals.

The residency programme aims to facilitate cultural exchange among local, national, and international artists. To promote the integration of “live and create,” the residency centre will organise a series of events including sharing sessions, workshops, open studios, and exhibitions for the residents during their stay. These activities are designed to create a dynamic cultural atmosphere on-site and encourage cultural exchange beyond the programme's physical location.


BY ART MATTERS Residency 之驻 aspires to create a collaborative space where emerging artists and curators can share experiences, memories, knowledge, and emotions. We encourage our residents to explore, experiment, and engage with one another both in and outside of their studios. Our hope is that incoming residents will bring their unique perspectives from around the world to Hangzhou, while also taking their impressions of Hangzhou back to their respective corners of the globe.



The BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY programme offers a spacious facility spanning approximately 2000 square meters, spread across 10 floors. The premises feature several amenities such as 8 residency studios, a dedicated exhibition hall, a blackbox theater, a communal kitchen, a workshop area, a laundry room, and a pantry for residents to use.

Located in the basement, the exhibition hall at BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY spans approximately 165 square meters, offering a versatile space that can be utilized for both daily activities and exhibitions. The exhibition hall is connected to a hidden inner courtyard garden designed by renowned Japanese garden designer, Shunmyō Masuno, lending it a distinctive charm.

BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY is equipped with a workshop that offers essential practical tools and printing facilities for residents to utilize. Additionally, on the fourth floor, there is a dedicated black box, which serves as a dark room for showcasing audio and moving image works, as well as other types of artwork that require a dimly lit environment.

The residency studios at BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY cover an area of around 100 square meters each and are designed to offer a separate bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom for the convenience of the residents. The studios are available in three different types, catering to the needs of solo artists or groups of two. In addition to the in-house amenities, residents also have access to various facilities offered by the museum BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 and the OōEli campus, such as a library, theatre, auditorium, and exhibition space. This enables artists to produce and document contemporary artwork from around the world with ease.

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