Hu Yiyao, Wang Xin, Tsang Ka Wai


Date of residency: 2023.8 – 2023.11

Residents: Hu Yiyao, Wang Xin, Tsang Ka Wai

In May 2023, we put out a call to artists to submit proposals for a three-month residency focused on observing and creating art within the OōEli complex. After extensive review and consideration of the thematic relevance of the proposals, the artists' portfolios, and the experimental nature and practicality of their works, we are pleased to announce the selection of Hu Yiyao, Wang Xin, and Tsang Ka Wai as the residency artists for "The Nearby Scenery" of 2023. During their residency, these artists will transform the OōEli complex into a canvas for their creative expressions, drawing inspiration from the environment and the public to produce works that are unique to this small and intimate space. We are excited to witness the artistic journey of these talented individuals as they explore and create within the OōEli complex.

Hu Yiyao

Hu Yiyao's artistic practice is centred around performance art. Through her work, she creates poetic scenes that aim to "repair" the abnormalities of her body, while also exploring the role of the body within society. Hu often gives speeches on different occasions, utilising her performances as a medium to examine the broader social and political implications of the human body. Her performances frequently incorporate movements from rehabilitation exercises and sports activities, allowing her to explore the flow of energy within her own body, as well as the larger societal impact of sports.

Wang Xin

Wang Xin's artistic practice is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses installations, videos, and new media. Through her work, she delves into a diverse range of themes, including the human psyche, self-help mental healing, the art ecosystem, and the interplay between humans and artificial intelligence. Her explorations are nuanced and complex, inviting viewers to engage with and contemplate the intricate dynamics that underlie these subjects. By utilising a variety of mediums, Wang is able to offer a multifaceted perspective on these complex topics, encouraging audiences to consider the broader implications of these issues and their impact on society as a whole.

Tsang Ka Wai

Tsang Ka Wai's artistic practice has evolved from a primary focus on photography to experimentation with a range of other mediums and subjects. His work now encompasses lightboxes, multimedia, and mixed-media installations, all of which explore the relationship between two-dimensional images and three-dimensional spaces. Through his art, Tsang Ka Wai challenges conventional perspectives on everyday existence in the city, foregrounding a distinct perception that subverts common assumptions. His works often depict the individual's powerlessness against the vast social mechanisms at work, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of modern urban life and the impact of societal structures on individual agency.


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