Cometabolism Studio, Liu Lanxuan, Huang Huizhen


Date of residency: 2023.7.17 – 2023.10.16

Residents: Cometabolism Studio, Liu Lanxuan, Huang Huizhen

BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY 之驻’s residency project "Treasure Hunt" jointly launched with JNBY Group has selected through layers, and finally confirmed the cooperation with three groups of resident artists, Huang Huizhen, Liu Lanxuan, and Cometabolism Studio.

During the three-month residency period, they will dig deep into the mountains of treasure in clothing fabrics, use stock fabrics and accessories as objects and materials for artistic practice, and explore a multi-dimensional and creative context.

Huang Huizhen

As a product designer who wanders along the boundary between design and art,  Huizhen Huang's creation is always around materials. Huang Huizhen's creations are always centred around materials. Taking sustainability as the origin, she deconstructs the production process or the structure of materials and intervenes in a certain part of it, using products/space as the medium, exploring the form and function of materials beyond the value of raw materials, thus triggering the viewers or users to think about the "original identity" and "existing identity" of materials. 

Liu Lanxuan

Liu Lanxuan 's work is based on the exploration of materials and involves a variety of creative media including papermaking, printmaking, artist's books, textiles, installations and performances. Starting from the recording of human’s physical and spiritual changes, she uses various materials to construct human body parts, such as flesh, skin and hair, to express the existence of life. Liu also explores the natural process of birth, ageing, sickness, death and self-healing, and interweaving fibres of various materials to capture the portrait of the body in different states of life.

Cometabolism Studio

Cometabolism Studio is a design art research group founded by designer Zhang Ning and artist Yang Yafei. They expect to rethink the creative process under ruins of the post-industrial heritage, and their works reactivate mass-produced industrial metabolites such as industrial components and blurring their function in space, allowing art to intervene in everyday space. At the same time, through digital generation and other technologies, they explore undefined art objects that can blur the border between the real and the virtual.


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