BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 |Residency No.2|Local Charm

BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 |Residency No.2|Local Charm

“What does Hangzhou mean to you?"

"Employment opportunities, e-commerce platforms, free shipping area, internet celebrities all over the place… I want to live here."

"It is the hometown where I was born and raised, an ordinary city."

"A peaceful city, especially when you take a walk to the West Lake to watch the sunset."

"Hangzhou is a veritable culinary desert, where I have successfully honed my culinary skills."


Hangzhou is a city where the "old-timers" and the "new-timers" may have very different interpretations and ways of living together, but after living here for a while, all the novelties become everyday. Some exploring figures and curious eyes are needed here to observe and collide.

In the second residency program of BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY 之驻, we hope to invite artists who are good at observing the city, with the unique viewfinder of a foreigner, to take some of Hangzhou's unique style, walk into the streets of Hangzhou, and discover the local charm that may have become everyday.


Please present us with your observations of any city in the form you prefer. Show the way you see, present, or interact with it. Content format, length and graphics are not limited. (but at least it needs to be able to be sent in an email with an attachment size of no more than 30mb). Also, please briefly describe what you hope to do in Hangzhou during your three-month stay. The content includes, but is not limited to, time planning in Hangzhou, creative proposals, expectations for Hangzhou, etc. We will select 6 groups of city watchers on July 2022 - October 2022 Come to stay.


Residency Content:

-1 public exhibition

-1 studio opening

-1 public event led by you

-1 piece of residency t-shirt creation


In addition, the residency will include:

-Dinner Sharing Sessions

-Local artists studio visit itinerary

-Rich exchange of local art and cultural resources

-Video documentation during residency

-BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆Official Media Campaign


BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆reserves the right to develop a portion of the applicant's manuscript for promotional, educational and derivative purposes during the residency period, which will be selected and confirmed by the artist, who will grant the copyright of the manuscript to BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆free of charge.

At the completion of the project, applicants can choose whether to donate the work or part of the creative elements of the residency, with the opportunity for the donated work to become part of the museum's collection or to be used for charity auctions.


Residence period:

July 2022 - October 2022



Applicant: Emerging artists living in China but not base in Hangzhou.

Nationality: No restrictions

Genre: No restrictions

Open Call: 6 groups (up to 7 people can be stationed: five groups of single and one group of double combination)



截屏2022-03-31 11.01.34.png

If you have children with you, please inform us in advance.

Applicants are responsible for their own safety and property, and we recommend that you take out your own insurance.

*All support for this program expenditure applies only to successful applicants.


Application method and material submission

1.The program must contain

a. Open-ended observation of a city

b. Expectation of Hangzhou city and creation here, time planning of stay

2.Resume and Past Portfolio

3.Motivation letter

4.Personal Information Form


Submission time.

March 28 - May 31, 2022


*If submitted after the time, it will be considered invalid

*Please submit the above proposals in both English and Chinese, and email to with the subject line: Residency Application _Local Charm

*Please download the personal information form from the BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 Media Center

Please combine all materials in a PDF document with a total size of no more than 30MB, and provide a valid online viewing link for larger images or video files, with a password.

All applications will be selected by the committee of BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY 之驻, and the selected candidates will be notified by email by the end of June 2022, and the final selection will be announced on the official website of BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆.


Contact information


Address: Building 17, Tianmuli , No.398 Tianmushan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China




BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 is a contemporary art museum located in the OōEli 天目里 complex, scheduled for opening in 2021, designed and built by Renzo Piano Building Workshop with a world-class museum standard. The museum will continue to provide exhibition and publication opportunities for artists, to provide a third space for the public outside of everyday living and working, and become a leading atelier of creativity. 


BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY 之驻 offers residencies to emerging contemporary artists and researchers around the world, and provides them a dynamic space for living, working, showing, and sharing, to encourage and support the growth of local and international contemporary art. 



BY ART MATTERS RESIDENCY 之驻 has approximately 2000 square meters, with a total of 10 floors. There are 8 residency studios, an exhibition hall, a blackbox, a communal kitchen, a workshop, a laundry room and a pantry.


The exhibition hall, located in the basement, has about 165 square meters and provides a space that can be used for daily activities and exhibitions. The exhibition hall connects to a garden designed by leading Japanese garden designer, Shunmyō Masuno. As an inner courtyard garden, it’s hidden out of sight, with a unique charm.


There is also a workshop in the building, providing basic practical tools and printing facilities. The black box, located on the fourth floor, is a dark room reserved for showing moving images and audio works, while also providing use for other works that require a dark space.


Each studio is about 100 square meters, equipped with a separate bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. There are three types of studio that cater to the needs of a single artist or an artist group of two. Other facilities from the museum BY ART MATTERS 之馆 and the OōEli 天目里 campus – a library, theatre, auditorium and exhibition space – are also available to the residents, in order to support the production and documentation of worldwide contemporary art.


Learn more about membership plan, download the 目里APP