Space and Architecture

BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 is located at OōEli, Hangzhou, China.

OōEli is a bustling community reminiscent of a small town, where thousands of people work and live while exchanging stories and ideas from the worlds of business, art, design, and fashion. The campus covers an area of 230,000 square meters, where people, art, nature, architecture and work come together, flourishing in a vibrant and interconnected manner. Here, we find ourselves at the convergence of nature and art, as these two elements interweave and coexist in an inspiring environment.

Renzo Piano, the renowned Italian architect, designed OōEli as his first project in China, with a keen focus on the local life and culture of Hangzhou. His aim was to create an urban space that is both independent and diverse, and where buildings, landscapes, and courtyards work harmoniously to evoke the scale and feeling of the city streets. Through his attention to detail and careful planning, Piano has created a uniquely vibrant and dynamic environment that reflects the character of Hangzhou while also standing out as a world-class architectural achievement.


Comprised of 17 individual buildings, Oōeli centres around a central enclosed square known as the "City Lobby." This square features a Central Garden, a Water Mirror Square, and an Arbor Tree Array, all of which serve to connect the space with the surrounding city and create an environment where stories can unfold and memories can be made. With these unique features, Oōeli offers a dynamic and inviting space that fosters the exchange of ideas and experiences between people from all walks of life.

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