Space and Architecture

BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 is located at OōEli, Hangzhou, China.

It is like a small town, where thousands of people work and live, where various stories from business, art, design and fashion are told. People, art, nature, architecture, work, exchange – these are the topics at the core of OōEli. They each grow in a lively way, intertwining with each other on the same soil. On this campus of 230,000 square meters, we always find ourselves at the crossroads of nature and art. 

OōEli is designed by the master architect Renzo Piano, as his first project in China. Naturally, he pays close attention to the local life in Hangzhou, hoping to construct the scale and feeling of the streets through buildings, landscapes and courtyards, and forming a relatively independent, yet, diverse and vibrant urban space.

OōEli has 17 individual buildings in total, enclosing a central plaza called ‘City Parlor’, which contains the central garden, a classical water mirror plaza and arbour trees. Such an arrangement divides the ground into different blocks, while creating a seeping connection between the plaza and the city, giving the stories a space to happen and leaving the space open to the possibility of stories. 

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