Visitor Information

Opening Hours


  • BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆

  • Opens Daily 12:00 - 20:00

  • Closed every Monday(public holidays excluded)

Getting Here

  • Address

  • 398 Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou

  • Public Transportation

  • Nearby bus stations are: Tianmushan Road and Gudun Road, Pingan Bridge at Gudun Road and Fuyuan Xincun

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3. Concessions & Free Admission Policy

Free Admission Policy

1. Children under 1.2m in height are free of charge and must be accompanied by an adult; 2. People with disabilities and active military personnel are free of charge with valid documents.

Concessionary policy

1. Concessionary tickets can only be purchased offline, please bring your valid ID to purchase tickets at the information desk of the museum.

2. Minors over 1.2m in height (under 18 years old) are eligible for concessionary tickets.

3. Domestic and international students (undergraduate and below) with valid student ID are entitled to a discounted ticket price.

4. Senior citizens aged 60 years or above with ID cards are entitled to preferential fares.

5. Medical and nursing staff and teachers can enjoy preferential fares with the corresponding valid documents.

6. 20% discount for groups of 10 persons or more, booking is required at least three working days in advance. Please specify the number of visitors and the time in your email.

Reservation email:


1. Early bird tickets are valid for the duration of the exhibition, regardless of weekdays and weekends, one person, one vote, non-refundable and non-exchangeable, late forfeit.

2. If the opening hours of the exhibition are changed due to force majeure factors such as epidemics or unforeseen circumstances, the information released by the official platform of Tianmu Li Art Museum shall prevail.


  • Deposit

  • Please deposit your large luggage and backpacks in the bag lockers on the north side of the BY ART MATTERS MARKET. Small luggage can be stored inside the museum. Please keep valuables on your person.

  • Convenience Services

  • Baby strollers, wheelchairs, portable folding chairs and magnifying glasses are provided free of charge.

Guided Tours

  • Free guided tours are provided for the exhibition. You could also rent a self-guided audio device at the information desk.

Notice to Visitors

  • For your own safety and comfort experience, please cooperate with the following instructions:

  • No smoking, no food, and no drinking inside the museum.

  • Please keep quiet and switch your phone to silent.

  • To respect and protect the exhibits, professional equipment such as flash lamps, tripods, long shoot& self-shooting poles are prohibited in the exhibition hall. Photography is not allowed for some exhibits, whilst all video recording is prohibited.

  • Commercial photography is prohibited in the museum.

  • If there is any business cooperation, please contact in advance.


  • For your safety, please do not touch the facilities or damage the exhibition works in any way.


  • Please be polite and behave appropriately.


  • For safety reasons, children under 1.2m must be led and accompanied by their parents. Parents or guardians are requested to take care of the children. In case of discomfort or crying when infants enter the art museum, please gently rest outside the exhibition hall first to avoid disrupting other visitors.


  • No disheveled or drunk visitors.


  • No weapons, dangerous goods, or pets.


  • For your safety and comfort, the museum will limit the number of visitors admitted if it is too crowded.

  • Thank you. Enjoy your visit!

  • BY ART MATTERS reserves the rights of final interpretation.

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