BY ART MATTERS 天目里美术馆 hopes to invite people with similar interests and different personalities as volunteers, to help carry the messages of contemporary art to a wider public, bringing unique values and energy into the volunteer work. 

If you:

  • • Wish to learn more about contemporary art

  • • Are passionate about contemporary art and exploration

  • • Have the enthusiasm to serve the public

  • • Possess unique skill sets such as: photography/design/hosting/writing/sign language/ translation/teaching assistant

  • • Come from different age, sex, and culture background

We wish you are:

  • • Enthusiastic and responsible for volunteer work

  • • Willing to learn and keep active throughout the volunteer service

  • • Willing to cooperate with the arrangement and rules of the museum

You may become a:

  • • Visitor Guide: Provide guided tours for visitors, guide them through the exhibition in an orderly fashion, and maintain the safety of the works on site

  • • Digital Project Team: Provide help for data collection, translation and proofreading, text editing, graphic design and other digital projects

  • • Event assistant: Support the on-site work of exhibitions, residencies, art events and public education events, as well as assisting with event photography, video recording and other forms of documentation

You will receive:

  • • Exclusive volunteer training, work with an interesting crew and getting to know the work at a contemporary art museum

  • • The opportunity to exchange with artists and curators, and learn more about contemporary art

  • • Long-term collaboration for those with outstanding performance during the volunteer work

  • • Transportation and food stipend

  • • Enrolling in public education events free of charge

  • • Exclusive volunteer pack

  • • Other surprising benefits

How to apply:

Please send your resume along with any works that showcase your skills (format unrestricted: text, images, videos, etc.) to joinus@byartmatters.com with the subject line as [Your Name + Volunteer Application].

Learn more about membership plan, download the 目里APP